CULTI Aramara Stile Diffuser


A summer’s day, the sun on your skin, happy thoughts. A unique olfactory experience that evokes the bright colours and contrasts of the Mediterranean. Bitter orange blends with bergamot and cardamom and floats on the air with the spiritual touch of sandalwood. Glass bottles with ivory-coloured labels and cap in natural maple wood. The aesthetic character of the CULTI STILE line evokes purity and elegance.

• Fragrance Notes: citrus, woody, bitter orange, bergamot, sandalwood
• Dimension: L 9.7 x P 9.7 x H 22 cm

• Stile Capacity: 500ml
• Duration: 4 months 
• Square footage: from 20 to 40 sqm


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CULTI Aramara Stile Diffuser