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Luminary, founded in 2018 in the heart of Rosemary Beach, captures a timeless traveler whose fashion harmonizes comfort and sophistication. Luminary speaks to those who possess effortless elegance and appreciate understated luxury. It strives to fuse travel, discovery, and diverse cultures through its curated collections in Fashion, Home & Design. 

Mariam Gulistan

About the Founder

Our Founder, Mariam Gulistan, always envisioned a boutique very unique in its approach. She wanted to offer locals and visitors not just a collection of items, but a curation of experiences. Mariam lived abroad and started to travel the world at a very young age. Inspired by her own mother’s style, she developed a refined eye for design and attention to detail through her background in event styling and interiors. For her, design is all about the senses. She expresses, “My dream was to instantly captivate and transport clients to another world keeping all aspects of design in mind.”  

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charitable initiatives

Luminary Gives Back

Giving back and getting involved are the core principles at Luminary. The company’s mission is to offer an unforgettable shopping experience while also enriching the lives of others in the communities it serves. Luminary contributes a percentage of its sales to various organizations supporting local homeless children throughout the Florida Panhandle as well as international projects that resonate with the Luminary family.